Thank you for coming to my guestbook. Please feel free to leave your own comments here.

October 17, 2006
Hi ..I really enjoy your webpage and make use of it too.I thank God for your heart that allows other people to use your work.Its a real blessing to me.God Bless.

October 14, 2006
just 'AWESOME'
August 30, 2006
Glendale AZ
You are amazing to take the time to share with us all this beautiful wallpaper! Thank you, especially for the Christian wallpaper! I don't know what to use first!

July 31, 2006
Richard Capps
I really enjoy what you have done here. I feel this work is wonderful and appreciate the work you so graciously share with the world. THANK YOU

July 13, 2006
lida bulzomi
Clifton, NJ
God bless you and thank you for such beautiful work. I visit your webpage on a weekly basis to change the wallpaper on my computer (at work). In the love of Christ, Lida B.

June 27, 2006
Becky Pohlman
Independence, Kentucky
I save the pictures and use them as my screen saver! A great way to spread god's word in a subtle way...everyone notices the unique pictures!

June 20, 2006
Col Griffiths
Inspirational by name Inspirational by nature, Inspiring pics and Inspiring verses. many thanks, Col

June 16, 2006
Priscilla Henric
i really like the wallpaper with verses!! just what i was looking for:)
God bless!

June 1, 2006

Great site. Keep it up.

May 30, 2006
Rick Torres
Southwest KS
I really enjoy the wallpapers they inspirational

May 27, 2006
Pastor Isaac Oluwajoba Abereijo
Modakeke, NIGERIA
This site is most inspiring I ever visited, revealing the truth of the word of God with pictures.
Please keep it up and God bless you.
Pastor I.O. Abereijo
Eternal Love Bible Church,
Modakeke, Ife,
Osun State, NIGERIA

Cape Town
Such an awsum site... your pictures are amazing... what would we do without the Lord your Father! God Bless your soul

May 3, 2006
Faithful Girl
Hi!!! i just want to say that I love this site. I love to read the verses of Psalm.....Its great.

May 2, 2006
Robert Rodriguez
Great site keep up the good work. Glory to GOD the Father of our Lord JESUS CHRIST

April 16, 2006
Glen Ellis
Memphis, TN
Yours is a 'Good Work'.

April 14, 2006
Jessica M.
Dear Dave, Your pictures are AMAZING! I love every one of them. If you are planning to visit Virginia sometime, please take picyures and post them on here. We have beutiful mountains and valleys here. they woul make terrific wallpapers!

April 9, 2006
Bridgeport, Nebraska
Dear Dave,Your pictures are just beautiful. My husband and I are worship leaders in our church and I prepare the powerpoint each week. I have just came across your web site and I'm very exicited to use your picture for the first time. I'll let you know some of the comments I receive. God Bless you Dave!

South Africa
Thank you for helping me thru dark times

April 2, 2006
Cecil Thomas
Dear Dave,
May God bless you for the wonderful work you are doing. The pictures with the verses are very refreshing and stress relieving.

March 11, 2006
Elwood, Nebraska
Your site is a real blessing. The pictures are beautiful and the scripture that is put with them just make them more perfect.

February 20, 2006
Your sites are very beatyfull because it praise our Lord God Jesus Christ!!! Thank you. God Bless my Bretheren!!! And Keep up the good work because God said he who endures to the end will be saved!

February 19, 2006
Curtis Easter
Fayetteville Arkansas
Thank You

February 12, 2006
Dan Kim
Louisville, KY
Dear Dave, I am a worship leader of my church and every week, I prepare Powerpoint slides to use during the worship service. Your photos with verses are such blessings! I just wanted to let you know that your photos are having a great impact in the ministry at my church. Thank you, and God bless you!

January 26, 2006
Lee & Dar Sandbakken
Circle Pines, MN
Thanks for sharing your pictures

January 22, 2006
'The Lord upholds all those who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down.' So many time I have been lifted up of God Through living word and other the Holy Spirits touch and help and comforting,and my cool heart sometime Had Godīs love warm up again Like sun shine with spring time in nature. Can you help and pray for mercy and revival soon evrywhere? Thanks and bless. keijo sweden

January 17, 2006
Angela A. Wells
Jordan, NY
Thank you for the use of your beautiful God created pictures. I'm taking a Ministry class, and we have to memorize different scriptures for each week. Your site has allowed me to have the most wonderful, breathtaking views, WITH the scriptures I need to memorize, right on my desktop! May God abundantly bless you!!

January 4, 2006
Debie Lopez
Meridian, MS
Thank You for providing these inspirational wallpapers. It's great to look at them during the day at work and remember the Lord is always with me.

December 24, 2005
Johannesburg, South Africa
Many thanks for your generosity.
'The Lord loveth a cheerful giver'

December 17, 2005
Just wanted to Thank You for your Wallpaper.Beautiful,See you in Heaven

October 29, 2005
Susan Oelschlaeger
Beautiful pictures of the Lord's creation; thank you for the use of them!

October 27, 2005
Feybe Lumuru
Your photo is a top photo, on best quality to sharing testimonies of what GOD has done to us. Nice job Dave, Your photo is "Keren Banget". God Bless U.

September, 18, 2005
Nice Dave good job god blessed you

September 5, 2005
I have been recomending the site to some of the people I have met through work

September 2, 2005
Dear Dave
Your photographs are testimonies of the wonders of God and I've being blessed. Thank you for the great effort.
In His Grace

August 23, 2005
SoheiL K
God Bless You.

August 22, 2005
Allentown, PA
I have been searching the web for as long as I can remember for a site like this one. Thank you soo much for making this site! I love to take nature walks to be alone with God and be in His creation. Your web site is a great insperation and a wonderful place to visit! I am 18 years old, and I will be sharing this site with all my friends. Once again, thank you soo much. You are a great guy. May God be with you always.

August 21, 2005
ruth simpson
Most beautiful work I have seen. Did I see a scripture from the book of Moses?? I can't seem to find it now. Please reply

August 1, 2005
My son has recently been remanded in prison on serious charges. While there he has recommitted his life to Christ. We were able to send him a print-out of one of your pictures in a letter (the only way we are allowed to send anything to him). Thank you so much.

Carolyn Dunn
Denham Spring, Louisiana

July 28, 2005
mobile AL
at first it seemed like the verses took away from the picture...but after reading more than 5 of them the verses and pics of Gods creation both show Gods nature and im going to use alot of these. i think God spoke to me through them and im very glad i came to this site. keep em comin!

July 20, 2005
Md. Emam Hossain
Dhaka, Bangladesh
I found a wonder joy from this site this is really a good and beautifull sit.

July 16, 2005
i am 13 and i was baptized when i was 12 and turned to the lord when i was 11

July 8, 2005
Brian Joseph
Northville, Michigan
You have captured the majestic beauty of God's creation and are sharing it for all to see. By putting God's word with it just adds to that beauty. I will be sharing these photos with my co-workers as the background on their computers.

June 9, 2005
Dwi Mardi Afandi
Jakarta, Indonesia
Thank you for having such a beutiful wallpaper, specially in Psalm. You have a great website.

May 10, 2005
john christmas
I was left open - mouthed at your beautiful pictures, especially The Christian ones.There are just too many to download at any one time but thankyou for the inscriptions too. John

May 8, 2005
Bill Watkins
Roanoke, Va
You have a wonderful web-page.Your pictures are of top quality and the verses that goes with them is great and very inspiring. Thank you.

April 12, 2005
Michelle Carper
I just had to write to let you know how beautiful your artwork is. Thank you for letting the Lord work through you and touch so many people with your photography. I love the bible verses that you chose. One of my favorites was already on the site.

Thank you again for sharing.

Best Wishes,

Joseph Baldelomar
GOD bless you and your Family

April 7, 2005

March 28, 2005
Gary McKean
Dave - I thoroughly enjoy your wonderful photos. I have been in many of the areas in the West where some of the photos were taken. As a Christian, I especially enjoy the Christian photos and use them as wallpaper at my desktop. Thanks for the great website.

March 23, 2005
Denise Smith
San Diego
I thank you for such a beautiful format you placed the Word of God in. Nothing but Majestic comes to mind. I look at the beautiful hand of God at work inthe Photos and instantly give HIM honor and Praise. May the LORD richly bless you and thank you for sharing such a precious gift!

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